Human Resources and Technology

HR departments across the nation, including HR Advice Birmingham, have found ways that technology has been increasingly important to their field of work. Implementing ways to communicate to employees, networking, and exploring information are all examples of this. Finding a middle ground between the use of technology and vital aspects to HR is key for any business to succeed. What is the job of the HR field after all? It is simply to reach out to employees and ensure that they are given the respect and accommodations that they deserve. It is a simple concept, yet one that is not always done to perfection, which is where improvements from technology comes in to play. 

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Using Different Technologies to Improve Communication

Gathering employees together in a room for an assembly address, or more simply put, having employees listen while managers and representatives talk to them, has been the method that businesses have used for employee communication for ages. Is this always an appropriate technique? The short answer is, no. It has been found that while someone talks to a group of people, chances are that only half of that group is actually listening, and the half that does listen only retains a portion of the information. This is because there are different styles of retaining information for each individual. Some may retain more from seeing examples of what the presenter is discussing, or even partaking in them. By use of smart-boards, or better yet, tablet computers, the information retention rate increases to 100.

How Can Smart-Boards and Tablet Computers Aid HR?

Taking into account the increase in retention of information by using these technologies, in theory, every HR sector in a company should be using them. Take a presentation about mutual employee respect. The presentation can become interactive so that the employees feel like they are part of it instead of just being talked at by another superior. They can answer questions asked of them during the presentation on their tablet so that there isn't one person answering the question. Also, using a tablet, there can be anonymous surveys taken after a talk, so that the company can view the information and improve future discussions.

Technology Improving Communication

Human resources is all about feedback from the employees. If employees never talked about what issues they were having, there would be no use of HR. Using an online forum on a company website, anonymous or not, the employees will find it easier to generate feedback on how they are feeling about there current work environment. Using this method, an employee can never state that they were not able to contact someone about an issue they were having.

The Future of HR Technology

Networking with other HR representatives, from separate companies even, can greatly improve performance. Say there is an HR department that performs phenomenally, and there seem to be no flaws in it's style and method of work. There is still a chance that there are techniques and styles of communicating with employees that they are unaware of. The more we communicate with others, through technology or otherwise, the more we find that we can improve.